When we think of the vastness of the universe we realise how insignificant we really are. We mean nothing in the grand scheme and our individual  disappearances off of this planet would mean nothing to the millions of planets and billions of uncharted miles around us. Suns would still shine stars would still shoot. Planets would still be created and expire with the ebbs and flows of the changing cosmos……..

However. Our presence exists despite its lack of impact on the vastness that surrounds it.  Everything each of us does has an accumulative effect on everyone else however small that maybe. This in turn makes each and every one of us a microscopic cog in a very big machine. Like a cog that needs a place to be, other cogs to engage with and oil for maintenance, we need certain basics in our lives in order to function. The better we’re looked after the better we perform.

So, we go through life amassing things that make our function and time on earth more bearable and enjoyable. Among the most enjoyable things we collect are good experiences. These translate in to pleasure in the form of sensory data. This is done via the various sensory receptors in our brains and is why nice company, laughter and beautiful things to look at can brighten, not only our day, but our lives. Our friends and people who are close to us are a priceless resource which provides us with these things and keeps us from ultimately failing in life. We need to recognise and acknowledge that, although on occasions people close to us navigate short cuts in their lives which take them a little to close to abyss, companionship ultimately makes a difference. This I hope helps highlight the importance that friends and relationships play and why they have such vital significance to everyone around them.


So this is an introspective look at life as I see it and experiences as I feel them. Everything I have said, done or attempted has had a microscopic effect on everything else. These ramblings go some small way to tell the tale. They are my own personal observations and delivered with the merest hint of levity in order to guard against taking myself to seriously.

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